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Half and Full Marathon Training - Week 15!
This is the beginning of tapering for the full and half marathon! Next week half training is just 60 minutes easy, easy and for the full - just 8 easy miles. Then it's race day! 
Full Marathoners: 7:30 am - Saturday/Sunday
Half Marathoners: 8:00 am - Saturday/Sunday
Start across the Street from Bongo Java East*
* Do not park in their parking lot as they will be open while we're running. Please use street parking.
The Workout:
Full Marathoners:

Half Marathoners: 

Don't forget our final Brunch is next week, and the Post-Race Party the night of the half and full marathon!
See you this weekend! ENFL!
- Daniel
Week 14 - Half and Full Marathon Training
There are only two weeks left of long training runs after this week. That sneaked up on me.
Let's go make the best of this important workout!
Full Marathoners: 7:30am Saturday/Sunday
Half Marathoners: 8:00am Saturday/Sunday
Half Marathoners:
  • Advanced - 4 Loops of the 5k route
  • Standard - 3 Loops of the 5k route
Full Marathoners:
  • 20 miles, all easy, just run. We won't meet back up with the half marathoners.
Here's a map of the route:
There will be some water/gatorade on the course, but bring your own water/gatorade and nutrition for in-between. 
*Also after the run, Results Physiotherapy will be there to check out any lingering issues you may have with running injuries.
Don't forget about: 
  • Last Brunch of the season at Lauren Caswell's on the 20th (in two weeks!)
  • Post-race party the 26th at East Pavilion at Fatherland and 11th - Edley's, Yazoo, and good times from 6pm-10pm
See you this weekend, and as always, ENFL!!
Week 11 Full/Half Marathon Training - Everyone meets at 8am!

Week 11 Full/Half Marathon Training - Everyone meets at 8am!

When:  8:00am Saturday/Sunday

Where:  Base of Pedestrian Bridge - East Side

Parking is available in Lot R of LP Field

The Workout:  Full & Half Advanced: 14 miles Full & Half Standard: 11 miles


1. For 11 miles that includes the bridge, picks up the route, and brings you back (thanks, Brian Johnson!):

2. If you're running 14, you may want to run down 11th ave S and continue to Charlotte, then return to LP.

This is another week of just adding up some miles. Some raced this weekend and you've all been putting in several long runs. Only 5 weeks remaining after this week!

In addition to Running:

You might also consider adding yoga into your routine. When you only move you body in one direction on one plane over and over again, there is a risk of injury. Some overuse injuries even force us to stop running for a few days. Yoga is a great way to move and strengthen muscles you need to use to stay injury-free! Check out Kali Yuga Yoga's "Yoga for Runners" class and take a step towards staying healthy while running:

See you this weekend! ENFL!!
Week 9 - Trying out the New Course
It's week 9 of the Country Music Marathon and Half Marathon training. That means we're now halfway done with this training cycle!
We'll meet on the East Side (Titans Stadium side) of the Pedestrian Bridge, run over and run part of the course. One of the best things you can do to prepare mentally for the race is to run the course.
Park in Lot R at Titans Stadium- should be open and free.
Full Marathoners - 7:30am Saturday/Sunday
Half Marathoners - 8:00am Saturday/Sunday
The workout: 
Full Advanced: 18 miles
Full Standard: 16 miles
Half Advanced: 10 miles
Half Standard: 8 miles
Route Options:
To get to the course from our meeting spot and Lot R- 
Inline image 1
Everyone runs over the pedestrian bridge to the downtown side, past the Symphony Hall, left on 4th, then up Demonbreun - then begin the course:
(select the half marathon or the full marathon in the drop-down)
Be sure to check your email (sign up HERE) for exact details on the route options for this weekend's training runs so you know how to get back to your car!
Have a great run this weekend! ENFL!!
Week 6 - Country Music Half and Full Marathon Training And New Course Announced
Where: Percy Warner Park, just inside the stone gates in the median.
Meeting time:
Full Training: 7:30am Saturday/Sunday
Half Training: 8am Saturday/Sunday
The Plan:
Full Advanced: 16 Miles
Full Standard: 14 Miles
Half Advanced: 100 min Trails or 11.2 +1
Half Standard: 75 min Trails or 5.8 +1
Also, the new course was announced! Check it out
CMM New Course 2014
 - The start is now downtown
 - There are some extra turns as you work your way to the Musica statue at the roundabout
 - You'll continue further on Clifton than normal and head back to 12th via Leland and Kirkwood
 - There's some additional turning off music row coming back to Musica
 - There is a little less of Metro Center for the Full marathon! I won't get too excited until they cut that out entirely...
See you all this weekend! ENFL!
Marathon and 1/2 Marathon Training - Week 5 - Percy Warner

Location Change - Percy Warner  7:30am Full Marathon, 8am Half Marathon

It's time to leave the flats and head over to Belle Meade the next few weeks for our weekend long run. You know what that means! Percy Warner = it's time to head for the hills!

We're back to conversational running, which means you'll want to run whatever pace allows you to hold a conversation. So going uphill, that means you will have to slow down your normal pace. Just using the different muscles that hills recruit and strengthening them will result in improved endurance. Mark wrote a great post on Hills a while back if you want to read more HERE.

Both Saturday and Sunday the Full Marathoners will meet at 7:30am at the Stone Gates entrance to Percy near the flagpole and run 30 min on the Boulevard before meeting up with the 1/2 Marathoners at 8am. You'll have the option depending on your pace group and distance to run trails, the 5.8 mile loop, or the 11.2 mile loop, and more on Belle Meade Boulevard.

1/2 Marathoner plan:

Advanced: 11.2 mile loop or 90 minutes trails

Standard: 5.8 mile loop or 65 minutes trails

Full Marathon plan:

Advanced: 15 miles

Standard: 12 miles

Bring a friend, meet someone new and make them feel welcome, and run with your goal in mind. Whether it's finishing 13.1 or 26.2, a new PR, or meeting that first Boston Qualifying time, the miles you are putting in today will get you ready for whatever goal you have.

P.S.  If you need to run a little bit earlier, the Nashville Striders are hosting a 14 mile run on Saturday morning at 7 a.m. leaving from Bongo Java East.   So this is another option if 8 a.m. is a little late for you...


- Daniel

Marathon and Half Marathon Training – Week 4 And Brunch again!

The Plan:

 - Full Marathonders warm up, run 10k time trial
 - Half Marathoners warm up, run 5k time trial
Make sure you have a watch so you can record your time-trial this week!


Saturday and/or Sunday
 -  Full Marathoners meet at 7:30am
 -  Half Marathoners meet at 8am



What else?

Brunch is happening again!

 - Come to Bree and Eric's place (708 Porter Road, Nashville, TN 37206) directly after the run on Sunday (9:30am-ish).
 - Sign up here to bring something. Just add your name in the document.
 - Also, make sure to NOT park in the bike lanes on Porter. I'd suggest the street either on Scott Ave or Franklin Ave

Injury Screeings

AND we'll have someone from Results Physiotherapy doing injury screenings inside while brunch is going on! So come run, eat, and get that nagging issue checked out before it turns into something more.


See you Saturday or Sunday! After we run, you'll find me at the brunch. ENFL!


Marathon and Half Marathon Training - Week 3
The Plan:
 - Full Marathonders run 13 miles for advanced, 9 miles for standard
 - Half Marathoners run 80 minutes for advanced, 65 minutes for standard.
When? Saturday and/or Sunday
 - Full Marathoners meet at 7:30am
 -  Half Marathoners meet at 8am
See you Saturday or Sunday! ENFL!
Marathon and Half Marathon Training - Week 2

We'll be getting together for our second long run this weekend, January 11th and 12th.

Where: The Shelby Bottoms Nature Center ( Map)

When: Saturday and Sunday

Full Marathon - Meet at 7:30 a.m.
Half Marathon - Meet at 8:00 a.m.

The Workouts

Half Marathon:

Standard Plan - 55 minutes
Advanced Plan - 70 minutes

Full Marathon:

Standard Plan – 8 miles
Advanced Plan – 12 miles


Keep in mind, these first three weeks should be easy and conversational. You should be able to speak a sentence and continue breathing easily and steadily - nothing so hard you can say one word at a time or less.


It's very important that you do other runs throughout the week. We offer a Wednesday night run at 6pm at the corner of 11th and Holly. You can also join us during this training phase on Thursdays at 6pm at the same location for a structured workout with speed intervals and hill repeats. On other days, ask a friend to join you for a run. If you're meeting someone, you're more likely to stick with the plan and run!

See you all Saturday or Sunday! ENFL!

- Daniel
2014 Half and Full Marathon Training (and Brunch!) begins this weekend!

Happy New Year East Nasty! And with the new year its time to start up our annual Half and Full Marathon training! Join us Saturday and/or Sunday at 8 a.m. at the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center. The Saturday and Sunday workouts are exactly the same - just choose which day you prefer. When: Saturday and/or Sunday - 7:30 a.m. Marathoners - 8 a.m. Half Marathoners

Where:  Shelby Bottoms Nature Center

The Workouts Full Marathon - Standard plan - 7 miles - Advanced plan - 10 miles (Run 30 minutes out and back before meeting up with  the Half Training group)

Half Marathon: - Standard plan – 45 minutes - Advanced plan – 60 minutes

Brunch! Let’s be honest, we all are ready to pound some egg casserole after a cold, long run, am I right? Our first brunch of the year will be this SUNDAY at Rich and Polly Alexander‘s (904 North 14th Street, Nashville, TN 37206) at around 9:30am - immediately after the run. We just ask that you please bring something to share - sign up for something to contribute on the google doc here.

We all want to be better connected to the people around us, so come sit and eat with your fellow East Nasties! Plan on it lasting about an hour and a half, and come and go as you’d like.

Tips for Cold Weather Running

If you want to run in the cold, it's best to dress in layers. The longer the run, the more likely you are to run until it's warmer, too. If you've got layers, you can peel pieces off and retrieve them on the way back!

The rule of thumb is to dress like you're going on a hike and it's 20 degrees warmer. So when it's 30 degrees out, dress like you're going on a hike in the 50s. Personally, I'll wear two layers on top and one layer on bottom, tights or maybe even shorts if it's not very windy and not wet.

Some great items for cold weather running, even on a budget:

  1. Tights - CWX (long lasting, but not cheap), or budget tights - Target
  2. Socks make great mittens, who cares if they look weird (Swiftwick socks at least have rockin' designs)
  3. Beanie - something insulated if it's really really cold. I love a good NRC Beanie
  4. Fitted shirt as a base layer - then another shirt on top

See you all this weekend! ENFL! - Daniel

1/2 Marathon Race Weekend!

Final Thoughts

You guys are ready to race!  But here are some things to keep in mind over the next 24 hours:

1) Start hydrating now.

2) Eat something race morning, and if you normally drink coffee, drink coffee!

3) Take the shuttles from LP field, but arrive early, the lines for the buses are long, the lines to the port-a-johns are long, and that is one thing you want to take care of before the race.

4) Be conservative early.  Don't run slow...but DO NOT push the pace up to Belmont.  You should probably be slower than your goal time at Belmont, why?  Because that section of the race is almost entirely uphill.  Slow down, keep your effort level stable, and make up the time on the downhills...

5) If you want to join our 1:45 or our 2:00 pace groups, here is the deal:Our 1:45 pace group will be in corral 3.  Our 2:00 group will be in corral 8.  You can either look for Steve and Sarah at the front of those corrals, or you can meet them by the funeral home (near the Rite Aid) at 6:40 in the morning.

6) Wear your East Nasty gear!

Here is fun stuff

7) After you finish your race, meet under the letter "E" in the family reunion area.  There is also a new water stop going up at the 24 mile mark.  That is right when you leave Shelby Park.  I know that it is last minute, but if any of you are willing to swing by and help out, they could use the manpower.  Especially late in the morning when the 4 hour runners are passing through.

8) Come to our post-race party to celebrate with your fellow East Nasties!  Here is the information, including the address to Andy and Heidi's house.  Bring something to share, bring friends, bring family, everyone is welcome!

Have fun tomorrow! ENFL!

- Mark

Leap Year Day!

Wednesday Leap Day Run

We won't have another leap year day on a Wednesday for about 28 more years!   So come join us at the usual place, the usual time.  6 p.m. at the corner of 11th & Holly in East Nashville.  This week we will be running Route #9: LP Field.

Thursday Night Workout

We are taking a 2 week break from our tempo running to do long hills!   We will be running down to Shelby Park and up Sevier hill.  The hill is about 1/2 mile, and should take people between 3 and 5 minutes to complete, then we will jog back down to recover.  We will do either 6 repetitions or 20 minutes of hill climbing - whichever comes first. Meet up as usual at 6 p.m. at 11th & Holly.

Tom King Water Stop on Saturday March 10th

For the past 4 years East Nasty has worked the water stop for the Tom King 5k & 1/2 Marathon - the best water stop any race has ever seen. The Tom King is on March 10th this year and we are in charge of the same water stop again this year. The 5k is at 7:30 and the 1/2 marathon is at 8:00. We will be stationed on Davidson underneath the interstate which is the turn around on the 5k course and the 1 mile / 12 mile mark for the 1/2 marathon. It is a great location to be at and all we need  is as many East Nasties as possible to be out there to hand out water and cheer on your fellow runners. The water, the cups and the music will all be provided so just show up with your favorite east nasty shirt on and ready to volunteer. This is really a fun event to be a part of and is one of the few times during the year that we ask you to give back. You can come and leave whenever you like but please plan on joining us out there. You can talk to Drew if you have any specific questions about the race and or water stop.

Funky Umbrella's Wicked Amazing Super Party

Our good friend Kevin Kaz is having his second annual (hopefully annual) party this Friday night, March 2nd at 9pm at 3rd & Lindsley.

Here are some details from Kevin: Friday, March 2nd at 9pm at 3rd & Lindsley. 3 bands - Ryan Cavanaugh, Captain Midnight, Sky Hi. The format is the same as last year. 1st band is loaded with musical talent. Make it an early night if you have a long run in the morning. 2nd band is a wild card. A little different, but rocking. 3rd band is all about party time. For those that want to stay up late and boogie down. Our own Jones brothers will be emceeing the evening. Here's a link to the Facebook Event Page:

New Orleans Half & Full Marathon

Be sure to wish good luck to all the Nasties heading down this weekend to run in the New Orleans Mardi Gras Half and Full Marathons! Let the good times run! ENFL!