Week 6 - Country Music Half and Full Marathon Training And New Course Announced

Where: Percy Warner Park, just inside the stone gates in the median.
Meeting time:
Full Training: 7:30am Saturday/Sunday
Half Training: 8am Saturday/Sunday
The Plan:
Full Advanced: 16 Miles
Full Standard: 14 Miles
Half Advanced: 100 min Trails or 11.2 +1
Half Standard: 75 min Trails or 5.8 +1
Also, the new course was announced! Check it out
CMM New Course 2014
 - The start is now downtown
 - There are some extra turns as you work your way to the Musica statue at the roundabout
 - You'll continue further on Clifton than normal and head back to 12th via Leland and Kirkwood
 - There's some additional turning off music row coming back to Musica
 - There is a little less of Metro Center for the Full marathon! I won't get too excited until they cut that out entirely...
See you all this weekend! ENFL!