Them’s The Rules

East Nasty Code of Conduct

We are a large group and we want to be considerate of our East Nashville neighbors and community - and most importantly, we need to be safe. If we police ourselves, then we don't have to worry about getting in trouble from the city.

Please, do not run in the middle of the road. Always run against traffic as far to the left side of the road as possible - on the sidewalk if you can. Respect all traffic rules and never assume a vehicles sees you. Only cross the road at crosswalks or intersections. If someone in front of you crosses the street carelessly, please do not follow.

Half of the year we run in the dark. Please wear some kind of reflective gear or running lights. We suggest reflective vests, blinky lights and headlamps.

Say it loud! If you see something ahead of you, let the crowd know. Call out cars, uneven sidewalks, and obstacles. Hand signals work well, too!

Nashville may be known as Music City, but we encourage you to go music-free on our group runs. If you must run with tunes, please make sure you can hear what’s happening around you.

See something, say something. Look out for your fellow East Nasty. No runner left behind.

We are a large group and we want to be considerate of our East Nashville neighbors and community. Stop at stop signs and intersections. If cars are waiting, let a few through — it keeps folks from getting impatient. Share the sidewalk with other pedestrians. Never litter.

You can find street parking in and around 5 Points, but be mindful of fire hydrants, No Parking signs, and blocking in other cars. Do not park behind the YCAP building, the YCAP gym, or in the church lot in the alley. Both buildings host groups that meet on Wednesday evenings and we need to be respectful of their property and access to their vehicles. Always lock your vehicle and hide your valuables - don't be an easy target.