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Week 6 - Country Music Half and Full Marathon Training And New Course Announced
Where: Percy Warner Park, just inside the stone gates in the median.
Meeting time:
Full Training: 7:30am Saturday/Sunday
Half Training: 8am Saturday/Sunday
The Plan:
Full Advanced: 16 Miles
Full Standard: 14 Miles
Half Advanced: 100 min Trails or 11.2 +1
Half Standard: 75 min Trails or 5.8 +1
Also, the new course was announced! Check it out
CMM New Course 2014
 - The start is now downtown
 - There are some extra turns as you work your way to the Musica statue at the roundabout
 - You'll continue further on Clifton than normal and head back to 12th via Leland and Kirkwood
 - There's some additional turning off music row coming back to Musica
 - There is a little less of Metro Center for the Full marathon! I won't get too excited until they cut that out entirely...
See you all this weekend! ENFL!
Marathon and 1/2 Marathon Training - Week 5 - Percy Warner

Location Change - Percy Warner  7:30am Full Marathon, 8am Half Marathon

It's time to leave the flats and head over to Belle Meade the next few weeks for our weekend long run. You know what that means! Percy Warner = it's time to head for the hills!

We're back to conversational running, which means you'll want to run whatever pace allows you to hold a conversation. So going uphill, that means you will have to slow down your normal pace. Just using the different muscles that hills recruit and strengthening them will result in improved endurance. Mark wrote a great post on Hills a while back if you want to read more HERE.

Both Saturday and Sunday the Full Marathoners will meet at 7:30am at the Stone Gates entrance to Percy near the flagpole and run 30 min on the Boulevard before meeting up with the 1/2 Marathoners at 8am. You'll have the option depending on your pace group and distance to run trails, the 5.8 mile loop, or the 11.2 mile loop, and more on Belle Meade Boulevard.

1/2 Marathoner plan:

Advanced: 11.2 mile loop or 90 minutes trails

Standard: 5.8 mile loop or 65 minutes trails

Full Marathon plan:

Advanced: 15 miles

Standard: 12 miles

Bring a friend, meet someone new and make them feel welcome, and run with your goal in mind. Whether it's finishing 13.1 or 26.2, a new PR, or meeting that first Boston Qualifying time, the miles you are putting in today will get you ready for whatever goal you have.

P.S.  If you need to run a little bit earlier, the Nashville Striders are hosting a 14 mile run on Saturday morning at 7 a.m. leaving from Bongo Java East.   So this is another option if 8 a.m. is a little late for you...


- Daniel

1/2 Marathon Race Weekend!

Final Thoughts

You guys are ready to race!  But here are some things to keep in mind over the next 24 hours:

1) Start hydrating now.

2) Eat something race morning, and if you normally drink coffee, drink coffee!

3) Take the shuttles from LP field, but arrive early, the lines for the buses are long, the lines to the port-a-johns are long, and that is one thing you want to take care of before the race.

4) Be conservative early.  Don't run slow...but DO NOT push the pace up to Belmont.  You should probably be slower than your goal time at Belmont, why?  Because that section of the race is almost entirely uphill.  Slow down, keep your effort level stable, and make up the time on the downhills...

5) If you want to join our 1:45 or our 2:00 pace groups, here is the deal:Our 1:45 pace group will be in corral 3.  Our 2:00 group will be in corral 8.  You can either look for Steve and Sarah at the front of those corrals, or you can meet them by the funeral home (near the Rite Aid) at 6:40 in the morning.

6) Wear your East Nasty gear!

Here is fun stuff

7) After you finish your race, meet under the letter "E" in the family reunion area.  There is also a new water stop going up at the 24 mile mark.  That is right when you leave Shelby Park.  I know that it is last minute, but if any of you are willing to swing by and help out, they could use the manpower.  Especially late in the morning when the 4 hour runners are passing through.

8) Come to our post-race party to celebrate with your fellow East Nasties!  Here is the information, including the address to Andy and Heidi's house.  Bring something to share, bring friends, bring family, everyone is welcome!

Have fun tomorrow! ENFL!

- Mark