Wednesday Night Runs

Every Wednesday. Every Week. 6:00 p.m.
Corner of 11th and Holly at The Yellow House.

The 6pm Wednesday evening run is is our 'main event' and the best way to get plugged into the group. Rain or shine, hot or cold - we run. 

You don’t need to sign up to participate; there is no email list to join - just show up, listen for your appropriate pace group, and run. Each week there is a 3-6 mile route. We have 12 different runs that we follow sequentially. There are usually over 150 runners on any given Wednesday evening and all are welcome! (Dogs and strollers are welcome, too.)


Lasty Nasties

Run/Walk Group
Wednesdays at 5:45 p.m.

All running abilities welcome, but most of our runners can at least run a 11 minute mile. The Lasty Nasties are our walk/run group that starts before the main group. If you typically run slower than 12 minutes per mile you should consider joining this group. The Lasties start at 5:45pm (5:30pm for routes #3 and #12).


The Details


The Yellow House
120 South 11th Street
Nashville, TN 37206



A large crew means that parking in 5 Points gets to be tight for everyone – we are not the only group in 5 Points on Wednesday evenings. Your best bet is to get here as early as you can, and/or use our super secret parking location at East End UMC (but remember you need to be out by 8:00pm). Park smart – don’t leave any valuables visible in your car. Lock ’em up in the trunk. Try to carpool if you can, or better yet, just run over if you live here on the east side. We’re asking specifically that you try to avoid parking in front of Fanny’s House of Music (just across the street from where we meet) – parents are often picking up and dropping off kids for music classes. It’s part of our effort to be good neighbors!


During the run safety is priority number one! We encourage you to run as hard as you want, but this is not a race. So, (1) run on the sidewalk as much as possible, (2) wear something that creates or reflects light, (3) be careful at intersections, don’t assume cars are going to stop, and (4) stop if one of your fellow runners needs help.

Pace Groups

We don’t just start running en masse. We leave in pace groups, and someone will be starting those groups from fastest to slowest – starting with under 7:30 pace, and going in 30 second increments (7:30 – 8:00, 8:00 – 8:30, etc…), with a short gap between groups. The last group is 10 minutes per mile and over.

After the Run

Bring a change of clothes, your ID, some $$$ and join us for a beverage and/or some food at 3 Crow Bar after the 6pm run! (Wednesdays are 2-for-1 at 3 Crow)

There is nothing permanent scheduled for after the run, but there are often post run pint nights or other happenings. Bring a change of clothes (or not) – and head over to 3 Crow or one of the other local establishments for a drink and/or some dinner.