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Week 6 - Country Music Half and Full Marathon Training And New Course Announced
Where: Percy Warner Park, just inside the stone gates in the median.
Meeting time:
Full Training: 7:30am Saturday/Sunday
Half Training: 8am Saturday/Sunday
The Plan:
Full Advanced: 16 Miles
Full Standard: 14 Miles
Half Advanced: 100 min Trails or 11.2 +1
Half Standard: 75 min Trails or 5.8 +1
Also, the new course was announced! Check it out
CMM New Course 2014
 - The start is now downtown
 - There are some extra turns as you work your way to the Musica statue at the roundabout
 - You'll continue further on Clifton than normal and head back to 12th via Leland and Kirkwood
 - There's some additional turning off music row coming back to Musica
 - There is a little less of Metro Center for the Full marathon! I won't get too excited until they cut that out entirely...
See you all this weekend! ENFL!
Marathon and Half Marathon Training - Week 3
The Plan:
 - Full Marathonders run 13 miles for advanced, 9 miles for standard
 - Half Marathoners run 80 minutes for advanced, 65 minutes for standard.
When? Saturday and/or Sunday
 - Full Marathoners meet at 7:30am
 -  Half Marathoners meet at 8am
See you Saturday or Sunday! ENFL!
2014 Half and Full Marathon Training (and Brunch!) begins this weekend!

Happy New Year East Nasty! And with the new year its time to start up our annual Half and Full Marathon training! Join us Saturday and/or Sunday at 8 a.m. at the Shelby Bottoms Nature Center. The Saturday and Sunday workouts are exactly the same - just choose which day you prefer. When: Saturday and/or Sunday - 7:30 a.m. Marathoners - 8 a.m. Half Marathoners

Where:  Shelby Bottoms Nature Center

The Workouts Full Marathon - Standard plan - 7 miles - Advanced plan - 10 miles (Run 30 minutes out and back before meeting up with  the Half Training group)

Half Marathon: - Standard plan – 45 minutes - Advanced plan – 60 minutes

Brunch! Let’s be honest, we all are ready to pound some egg casserole after a cold, long run, am I right? Our first brunch of the year will be this SUNDAY at Rich and Polly Alexander‘s (904 North 14th Street, Nashville, TN 37206) at around 9:30am - immediately after the run. We just ask that you please bring something to share - sign up for something to contribute on the google doc here.

We all want to be better connected to the people around us, so come sit and eat with your fellow East Nasties! Plan on it lasting about an hour and a half, and come and go as you’d like.

Tips for Cold Weather Running

If you want to run in the cold, it's best to dress in layers. The longer the run, the more likely you are to run until it's warmer, too. If you've got layers, you can peel pieces off and retrieve them on the way back!

The rule of thumb is to dress like you're going on a hike and it's 20 degrees warmer. So when it's 30 degrees out, dress like you're going on a hike in the 50s. Personally, I'll wear two layers on top and one layer on bottom, tights or maybe even shorts if it's not very windy and not wet.

Some great items for cold weather running, even on a budget:

  1. Tights - CWX (long lasting, but not cheap), or budget tights - Target
  2. Socks make great mittens, who cares if they look weird (Swiftwick socks at least have rockin' designs)
  3. Beanie - something insulated if it's really really cold. I love a good NRC Beanie
  4. Fitted shirt as a base layer - then another shirt on top

See you all this weekend! ENFL! - Daniel