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Storms...and the run Wednesday night.

For those of us that live in East Nashville, Monday night brought one serious storm!  It came and went in no time at all, but did a crazy amount of damage....You can read all about it and see some pictures here. This means that tomorrow we are going to have to be a little more careful as we run.   There are lots of trees that fell on the sidewalks.  So I'll use this opportunity to remind everybody that we need to follow the rules of the road.  Which means stay on the sidewalk as much as possible,  and never ever run more than 2 wide if you must run in the street.  Wednesday night it is going to be more important than normal that we stay on the sidewalk as much as possible and stay to the side of the road if the sidewalk is impassable.   Our route is Benji, but remember it has been changed a bit.  Check out the route here.

Remember, we also have a couple of other projects in the near future: June 4th the Rebuild Together Nashville house project, The Summer Trial series (more information here) and the Potato to Tomato 5K program (which can be read about here.)

As the summer gets into full swing more newbies might be trying out East Nasty for the first time. So be sure to greet them with a smile and tell them about all we do. And then after the introductions are over, EXPLAIN THE RULES OF RUNNING ON THE ROAD!!!

See you Wednesday