Wednesday, February 17

Hoka Wear Test

Show up to NRC before the run if you want to wear a pair of Hoka's for the run tonight.   Hoka shoes exhibit some pretty unique technology, so it is worth showing up early and taking a pair for a test run before purchasing a pair.

Route #7

Little Hollywood.

6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly.

#7 Little Hollywood

Thursday night speed

It looks like the good weather will be back by Thursday, so there is no excuse not to come to the Thursday night workouts!  This week we will be doing hill repeats, which are hard, but there is no better way to build strength than doing hills.   6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly.   Everyone is welcome, but counting warm up and cool down, each workout will involve at least 5 miles of running.   So if you cannot run 5 miles without stopping right now, these workouts are a little too aggressive for you.

Long Run

This week we are back in Shelby Park doing goal pace running.   The runs will still be fairly long (9 - 11 for half-marathoners, 13 - 17 for full marathoners), but we will run 10k at our goal pace.

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