Wednesday, February 10: Brrrr

Gear and Shoes...

We had several folks ask for one more day to try on our spring East Nasty gear.   So... we are going to extend our order deadline until midnight tonight.   There is a size run of everything that we are offering at NRC, so try them on before the run!    (I realize it is hard to think about ordering a singlet in the middle of the winter, but believe me you will want one by April, and you'll certainly want one for the Tomato 5k in August!)

Have you ever wanted to try a new brand of shoes, but want to get a run in them before buying a pair?   Today is your chance to try Newtons.   Go to NRC as early at 5pm, and you can take a pair out for the run tonight.

Route #6

We will meet tonight, but (1) dress warm, (2) don't try to set any speed records and (3) if you live in the neighborhood, jog to the run if possible.

New Route #6

Thursday Speed Workout

Quick note: We will cancel speed workouts if Davidson County Schools are closed.   If the schools are open tomorrow, we'll meet at 6 pm at the yellow house.

Full / Half Training

We are meeting at Percy Warner Park again this weekend.   Marathoners meet at 7 am for 16 - 18 miles, half-ers at 8 a.m. for 8 - 12 miles.

Wednesday RunsMark