Wednesday, February 24

Wednesday: Route #8 6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly.   I'm hoping that this will be the last cold Wednesday...

Run #8 Rick's Market 2.0


Thursday, February 25

You want to get faster?  Join us for Thursday night workouts.   We meet at 6 pm at the same place (the corner of 11th and Holly.)   We do tempo runs, intervals and even the dreaded hill repeats.  Everyone is welcome, but if you can't run 5 miles without stopping these may be a little too aggressive for you...

Saturday, February 27

Our long run this weekend will start at the base of the pedestrian bridge on the Nissan Stadium side.   If you want to run 16+, meet at 7 am, if you want to go 10, be there at 8.


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