Wednesday, February 2: Shirts, Singlets, Speed & Pints

Route #5

The walking bridge.    This route sends us over the walking bridge and back via the Woodland Street Bridge.

6 pm at the corner of 11th and Holly.

Run #5: The Walking Bridge

Pint Night

After the run, head down to NRC for their monthly pint night.   Help Lee & the NRC crew celebrate the addition of Brooks to their product line!   Also we will have a size run of East Nasty shirts and singlets for you to try on (see "gear" below).   Use this opportunity to try them on, because we will be placing our order early next week - and we only order a couple of extras.   (The last chance to try on gear will be Saturday morning at the long run...)


As last weekend showed us, if you are running hard, 55 degrees feels pretty warm.   And running in a random 70 degree day in the middle of the winter is a real shock to the system.   That is why this year we are offering men's and women's singlets along with t-shirts.    My suggestion is to order a singlet for races.  Even when it's 45 or 50 degrees a singlet is the way to go for a race.   If you're not a singlet guy (or gal) the t-shirts are also fantastic.   This year we are ordering Nike apparel, and everything is $35.

We have a size run of the gear available at NRC to try on.   If you won't be at the run tonight, swing by the store anytime before Sunday to try on the gear.

Thursday Night Workouts

On Thursday (February 4) our winter speed workouts begin.    We meet every Thursday from now through April.  6 p.m. at the same location as our Wednesday night runs (11th and Holly).

There is no better way to improve your running fitness than by doing workouts.  But we focus on education because we want to improve your running IQ.   You’ll learn about tempo runs, hills repeats and track work.  We’ll do some workouts by distance, some by time and some by “feel”.   Not to mention this is a great way to get to know some new folks in a smaller setting.    Mark it on your calendar, and we'll see you Thursday!


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