Wednesday, May 29

Shoe Drive

We need your shoes!   If you have an old pair of running shoes laying around, bring them on Wednesday and we'll find them a new home.   If you are new to East Nasty, we have been collecting used running shoes for a couple of years now, and have given away hundreds of pairs.  We can use any pair of running shoes that have some life left in them.  If you have a pair,  we need you to (1) wash your shoes (just throw them in the washing machine) and (2) bring them on Wednesday.  That's it - we'll find them a new pair of feet.

Wednesday Morning Runs

Not a fan of the heat?  Have trouble getting to Wednesday night runs? Join us at 6 a.m.   From Memorial Day to Labor Day, show up at 6 a.m. at 11th and Holly for a morning version of the East Nasty run.  There is nothing to sign up for, just show up!

Women's half marathon

East Nasty has a group that trains for the women's half marathon in September.  Come this Wednesday for details and a chance to register at a discount!

Being Good Neighbors

This week I want to talk about running safely.  Running with a group, (or music for that matter) can sometimes cause you to run distracted.  And since the roads are not closed every Wednesday, distracted running can be dangerous.  Here are two rules of the road that I want you to remember this week:

(1) Do not just run through intersections, and make sure you follow all traffic signals.

(2) Stay on the sidewalks, and if you must run in the road, run no more than 2 abreast.

Remember, running with 250 people is different than running by yourself.  If you dash across the road, chances are the people behind you are going to do the same.

Run #10: Benji Version 2

This is one of my favorite routes because it goes to the other side of Eastland, but we need to be very careful as we go through the intersection at 14th and Woodland.   (Refer back to the previous paragraph: be careful at intersections!)


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