Full / Half Marathon Training Week 15

Bongo to Bongo

We now move our runs back to the East Side.

April 13/14

Where: Bongo Java East

When: 8 a.m.

What: Everybody - 10 miles with a fast finish. (Last 3 miles goal pace or faster.)

"Bongo-to-Bongo" is a ten mile route that leaves Bongo Java East, crosses the river, goes up Demonbreun/Music Row to Belmont Bongo Java and then back.


When I ran cross country in college, I would get so nervous on race morning that I wouldn't eat.  Unfortunately, most collegiate cross country races start mid to late morning.  So by the time I toed the starting line at 11 am, I was not only nervous, but I was running on fumes and was racing terribly.

One Friday afternoon, we had a race at 6 p.m. This meant that there was no possible way for me to not eat before the race.  So even though I was still nervous, I ate a normal breakfast and lunch.  I PR'ed by about a minute that afternoon.

Why do I tell this story?   Because you need to eat before your long runs/races, and many of you are not eating before your weekend long runs.   This weekend is a good time to practice you race morning nutrition routine.  In terms of what you eat and how much you eat, you need to find out what works for you, but here are a couple of suggestions:

1) Eat 200 - 400 calories of mostly carbohydrates about 1:30 - 2:00 hours before the run/race.  Stay away from bacon.

2) If you normally drink coffee, drink coffee!!   Seriously.  The last thing you want to do is remove caffeine from your diet the morning of a race.

3) Drink water that morning, (of course) but your body can only process so much.  If you try to super-hydrate the morning of the race you just end up peeing a lot, and you'll still be dehydrated at the starting line.    Be diligent about hydrating the days leading into your race.  Drink 8 - 10 glasses of water on Thursday and Friday and you won't need to overdo it on race morning.

Those are just three easy tips to try this weekend.  Everyone is different and you don't want to be trying something new on race morning.  If any of these ideas are new to you, try them this weekend and see how it goes.

See you on Saturday/Sunday!