Wednesday April 18


I'm sure that as the leader of a running group I am supposed to say something profound about the events at the Boston marathon, but I haven't really completely processed it yet.  This is a tragedy that shakes the democratic and civic nature of our sport: everyone can race and if you don't run, everyone is welcome to participate in some way.   Running races are community builders that exclude no one from running, volunteering or just spectating.   This is very different than the Superbowl, for example, where only the elite can participate and only the affluent can attend.   That is what is beautiful about running events.  But how can you monitor a 26.2 mile race through a city?  The answer is you can't.

The only thing I would say is allow yourself to be sad and angry, but do not allow yourself to be intimidated.   There is no way that I can't think about this as I line up for the country music half marathon, but I'm going to run anyway.  Be diligent, look out for each other, but don't become jaded or cynical.

The Run

This Wednesday, run #4:Big Shelby Loop.  6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.

Big Shelby Loop

Spring Celebration Party

Our post-marathon party has come together and it is going to be great.  The best news is that you don't have to run the half or full marathon to join us!  See full details below then be sure to join us for live music, Yazoo beer and sliders...

East-Nasty-CMM-Party-Evite 2

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