Sunday 3/25 - Centennial

1/2 Marathon Training

This week we continue running the course at Centennial Park.

Where:  Centennial Park

When: 8 a.m.

What: We are running on the 1/2 marathon course.  Here is a map.

Advanced: 16 miles.  Run the entire 1/2 marathon course and then jog back to Centennial Park from LP field.

Intermediate: 13ish.  Run the first 10.5ish miles of the course, run through the Gulch on 11th, turn left and run up Charlotte back to Centennial Park.

Novice: 11ish.  Follow the course back to the round-a-bout (mile 9.5).  Go "straight" through back to Broadway, turn left and run back to Centennial.

Once again, we are just logging miles.  We'll have fluids on the course, and (thanks to Lisa from Competitor Group) some of the actual gels that will be used on race day.   Bring some sort of rehydration/calories for after the run, and please carry a water bottle with you if you tend to get dehydrated.

See you on Sunday 8 a.m.