Wednesday March 28 - Back to the Start

Back to the Start

This Wednesday we are back to Run #1.  An easy 5k that goes down Shelby, through the park, and comes back up Holly.  5 turns total.  We meet at 6 p.m at the corner of 11th and Holly in East Nashville.

Being Good Neighbors

99% of the time we need to run on the sidewalk where they are available.  But as we get into the warmer months and our neighbors become more active there are certainly some situations where we can veer off the sidewalk.  Use your best judgement, but please be courteous when you see people walking on the sidewalk - especially families.

Thursday Tempo Workout

This week we are running tempo miles.  You can run an entire mile or you can run for a particular amount of time, if it takes you longer than 6 minutes to run a mile.

Advanced:  6 x (1 mile or 6 minutes T / 1 minute rest)

Intermediate: 5 x (1 mile or 6 minutes T / 1 minute rest)

Novice: 5 x (5 minutes T / 1 minute rest)

We meet on Thursday at 6 p.m. at the corner of 11th and Holly.

Brunch On Sunday

Brunch is back this Sunday! All are welcome - but, please sign up here to bring something and get details if you are planning to come.

See you tonight. -Mark

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