March 21 - The Nasty

Earn your stripes!

Every 12 weeks, we cycle back to run #12, The Nasty.  It's our 6-mile trademark run, where completion = entrance into an exclusive club....well, not really "exclusive" but you do get a bumper sticker.  There is a shorter option, (alas, no sticker) so please join us even if you don't have 6 miles in you.  This is a longer route, and the pace groups get strung out - so make sure that you have looked over the map before you come.  In fact, print it out if you don't know your way around the East Side.  Just to sweeten the deal this week, we've ordered up perfect weather and we have a couple of special additions

A New Sticker

There is a ton of graphic design talent in our group, and their collective brains have come up with some great stuff for the spring.   One thing is a new bumper there Wednesday night to find our more details...

First round is on the Competitor Group

Post run plan on heading down to 3 Crow. Why?  Well, in addition to the normal reasons of building community and getting to know some fellow endurance athletes, the folks who put on the rock'n'roll marathon series want to buy us a round.  Bring a change of clothes and enjoy a great spring evening together!


We need cup washers!   Please sign up.

Thursday Tempo

Our Thursday workouts continue with more tempo running.  These next two weeks are our toughest tempo runs.  Remember to keep your effort level in the prescribed levels...

Advanced: 2 x 20 minute tempo (5 min slow jog) 85% max heart rate.

Intermediate: 3 x 10 minute tempo (2 min slow jog) 85% max heart rate.

Novice: 20 min tempo 90% max heart rate

Thursday - 6 p.m. corner of 11th and Holly.


See you on Wednesday. - Mark

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