Sunday March 18...8 a.m. start

Country Music Marathon / Half Training

We are doing the exact same thing that we did last week except we'll start at 8 a.m. In fact...


Where: Centennial Park - meet at the parking area half way between West End and the Parthenon.

When: 8 a.m.

What:  Long slow distance on the course.  If you don't know the route, please print out a map.  We will run the first 8ish miles of the course, then continue straight down Wedgewood, turn right on Natchez Trace - run past the track and the stadium cross West End to enter Centennial Park.

Novice: 10 miles

Intermediate: 1 mile loop of Centennial + 10 miles = 11 miles

Advanced: 2 loops + 10 miles + 2 loops = 14 miles

Remember, this week is just time on your feet.   Learning the ups and downs of the course is going to pay big dividends on race day, but Sunday is not race day.  So keep your heart rate and effort level low.  Run with other people, even if it means that you have to slow down a little.  This is also a great week to invite friends if they are interested in running the race course with a big group.

Nutrition / Hydration

We will have gatorade on the route as well as some Gatorade G1 - gel type things.   But please bring some of you own calories/hydration for after the run.   Every so often we will run out of fluids for after the run, and this will be our first long run where it is a little bit warmer.

See you on Sunday at 8!