Wednesday November 16th - 2011

Hello East Nasties - I hope everyone enjoyed the new route last week. We will have another new route for you next week. For tomorrow though we will be running route #2 known as "around the lake". The route is 3.65 miles long and even though the forecast says we may get some rain tomorrow we all know very well that weather never effects an East Nasty Wednesday night. Please take a look at the route and be first in line to volunteer tomorrow to be a pace leader. Who knows maybe I will even explain the correct route before the run this week.  

East Nasty Christmas party


The date has not been set in stone yet but it will be within the next few days. The location is about 99% nailed down though and the party will be coming up very soon. So why the announcement ?  Just a little heads up to be thinking about staying after a Wednesday night run in December and bring some food with you for all to enjoy. More to follow tomorrow night or in next week's blog.


That is all for now nasties - hope to see you out tomorrow night for a night run on the east side ............................ ENFL  !!!!!!!




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