November 9th - 2011

Hello East Nasty - are you guys ready to run a new route ? Tomorrow will be the first time that we get to run the new route #1 which will be known as " one hilly 5k ". The name pretty much tells you all that you need to know. The route very simple and not that bad as far as hills are concerned. The weather tomorrow night is supposed to be very runner friendly yet again. With the time change this past weekend we will be in the dark for the rest of the year so remember to wear something reflective out there. Be sure to study the new route #1 down on the right and volunteer to lead a pace group.  


If you ordered a shirt on the website then be sure to pick yours up ( if you haven't already ) either before or after the run. Not sure if the men's singlets are in yet - we will not know until tomorrow. After another week we should have some extra's on sale if your were not able to order a shirt in time.


Volunteers for cup duty

After this week we do not have anyone signed up for cleaning the cups. This is a very simple way to help out and give back to East Nasty so be sure to click on the volunteer link at the top of this page and put your name down for a wednesday coming up.



If you need any up to date info on east nasty then be sure to check out are twitter page -


That's it for now - hope to see you tomorrow night then nasties  -------   ENFL !!!!

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