Wednesday - November 23rd - 2011

Hello East Nasties and how are you ? Tomorrow is Thanksgiving eve and yes we will be running. Since we are expecting a little bit of a lighter crew we are going to run route #1 again ( one hilly 5k ). We are going to wait until next week to unveil route #3 which is another new route being added to the East Nasty rotation. For now though let us focus on the present. We are running route #1 again tomorrow and will be headed down to 3 crow afterwards for some pre-holiday celebrating if you will. Please take a quick look at the route over on the right hand side of the page and please come out and join us if you are in town.  

East Nasty Christmas Party

 The date and the party is set. We will be having our annual Christmas party on December 14th following the run at 7:00. The party will be at Phil Zimmerman's house who lives within walking distance from where we start on 11th and Holly. All East Nasties are invited. We will be having chili and whatever sides / deserts you want to bring. There will be a sign up list posted here on the website soon so please check back here so you can sign up for what you would like to bring. There will also be beer served at the party. This is always a great event each year so go ahead and mark your calendar so you can plan on joining us. More info to follow about the sign ups for what to bring.


Flying Monkey Marathon

A special shout out to those East Nasties who ran the flying monkey marathon this past weekend. The monkey is known for being one of the hardest marathons in the country and this past Sunday was a rough day for then runners. It poured rain for 90% of the race but the runners and especially the East Nasties out there kept pressing on with a smile on their face.  Truly and impressive accomplishment for all runners who were out there battling the hills and elements.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone - hope to see you out there soon  ---- East Nasty For Life !!!



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