The Nasty...August 24

For you newbies, our Wednesday night runs culminate with our longest, most difficult run: The Nasty.  It's tough, but 6 miles and 6 painful hills later you can claim victory...and a "East Nasty" sticker!   And, it's tomorrow. Take a moment to review the route, even you front guys - as I (Mark) will be tapering for Ironman Louisville.


Well, I probably should have linked to these articles earlier, but I just picked up the July/August issue of Running Times and they had two articles on running in the heat.  (Including "it's not the heat or the humidity... it's the dew point.")  Since it stays hot in the south until November, and better late than never, here they are:  Running in the heat article #1, article #2

Potato to Tomato...continued

Many of you know that the transition from your first 5k to a regular Wednesday night runner can be a tough one.  To make that jump a little easier, several East Nasties have decided to continue the beginner runs on Monday nights and Saturday mornings.   These runs are going to continue through October with a goal of preparing runners for the Boulevard Bolt 5 mile race on Thanksgiving morning.   Right now, they are still meeting at Shelby Park.  6 p.m. Monday and 7 a.m. Saturday.  The time/locations may change, so if you want more details, send Rachel Schaffer an email: