Wednesday August, 17th - 2011

Hello there - and a happy east nasty Wednesday to you. What a great day Saturday was for east nasty. The East Tomato 5k had the biggest turnout ever and you could not throw a rock without hitting someone in an east nasty shirt. The potato to tomato group was also a big success as over 200 new runners ran in the 5k race. Today we are back to the basics. We will be running route #11 also known as "church run" and we invite all the new east nasties from the potato to tomato group to come join us. It is a figure 8 route and you can cut off the run around mile 2 if you are not up for the full 4.5 mile run. Please check out the route below so you know where we are going tonight. As always we will need some pace leaders out there as well. Kudos

A special thanks to all the volunteers who made the East Tomato weekend so special. The 5k coaches, The 5k runners, The water stop volunteers on the race course,  The water tent volunteers at the tomato fest were all huge in making Saturday so awesome. As east nasty continues to grow we will need volunteers to keep stepping up and helping the cause. For now though let us bask in our glory for a bit and get back to our East Nasty Wednesday night runs. The weather has finally taking a turn for us runners and it is a perfect time of year to head down to 3 crow after the run and have a social drink with your running buddies.

Thought of the week:

Did you know we have east nasty runners who come from all over to run with us on Wednesday night ? While most of us out there are from the east side or at least the greater Nashville area - there are some that drive an hour each way to join us for a run on the streets of East Nashville. East Nasty is such a diverse group of people and there are many who come from a ways away just to experience the East Nasty "vibe". That is why we always say - introduce yourself to somebody new. You never know where the person next to you may be from and a friendly hello may be the reason they come back. On that note a special shout out goes to Travis Millsaps, Scott Slavens and Matt Miffleton who occasionally make the drive from Murfreesboro to join us. It always a treat to have you legends from Rutherford county out there on a Wednesday night.

Keep up the good work ------ EAST NASTY FOR LIFE !!!!!!