August 31st - 2011

Hello East Nasty - Here is a quick message about today's run. We are back to the start and will be running route #2. We are looking to add a couple of new routes to east nasty in the near future. We had to eliminate two of them earlier in the year because of the intersections they crossed. More to come on that down the road. Please take a look at the route down on the right and be ready to volunteer as a pace leader. It is no fun having to ask the same people to lead a group every Wednesday so be a friend and volunteer. All you have to do is make sure everyone is following the correct route and is staying out of the middle of the road.  

Thought of the week


Have any of you ever been to an ironman race and stood at the finish line and watched ? I will have to say it is one of the most exciting and inspiring things I have ever seen. When you take into account all the training that is involved combined with how long the race itself takes there is really only one word to describe it ........ amazing. I was in Louisville on Sunday watching the race and was able to see Mark Miller, Drew Sloss, Jim "Schwanny" Schwann and JP Cowan "the Blaze" with East Nasty across their chest pretty much giving it their all. They certainly did East Nasty proud so if you see one of these Ironmen around tomorrow be sure to tell them congratulations.