August 10th - 2011

BIG WEEK - BIG RACE - BIG TIMES FOR EAST NASTY Hello there and welcome to the biggest week of the year for East Nasty. It is East Tomato Fest week, which of course includes the East Tomato 5k this Saturday at 7:30. There are going to be several opportunities on Saturday for you to participate / volunteer. First things first - the route this week will be the East Tomato 5k race course - see the link here. Many of us will be running in the race this year so we might as well get in a practice run on the course. We will be joined Wednesday night by the potato to tomato 5k group that has been training 3 days a week for the past 10 weeks. Please be sure to introduce yourself to these runners as they have all trained very hard for the race this weekend. The groups will start at different times tomorrow night but needless to say there will be a large group of runners out on the roads. It is very important to obey the rules of the road. Run on the sidewalk or on the left side of the street, do NOT run more than 2 people across and do NOT run out into the road in front of oncoming traffic. This has the potential to be a very fun night/ week for East Nasty - please do not ruin it for others by running in the middle of the road or jumping out in front of traffic and getting us into trouble with the police.

How can I participate on Saturday ?

Like I said earlier - there are several different ways to be a part of East Nasty's homecoming event this Saturday:

1) Run in the East Tomato 5k race - the race starts at 7:30 just off of the 5 points intersection and there will be east nasty's all over the place. We will all meet at out normal Wednesday night meeting spot ( 11th & Holly ) at 7:00 am then head down to the start of the race around 7:15. All we ask is that you wear an east nasty shirt during the race. See more on shirts below.

2) Work the water stop during the race - Fleet Feet Sports is sponsoring a water stop at mile 2 on the race course and we need some east nasty volunteers to pass out water and cheer on the runners. The water stop will be set up by 7:00 am in front of fellow nasty Phil Zimmerman's house on Woodland. We have some volunteers already signed up for the water stop but could use a few more.

3) Work the East Nasty water tent during the East Tomato Fest - From 10:00 am - 6:00 pm on Saturday East Nasty will have a tent set up right in front of 3 crow bar and we will be serving free water to anyone who is thirsty. It is our way of giving back to the community as a thanks for letting us run on their streets. We need volunteers to work a 2 hour shift. The volunteers will be passing out water, refilling coolers, getting ice and spreading the east nasty cheer. We will have a sign up list at the run on Wednesday, or post a comment to this update.

4) Come and hang out - even if you can not run in the race or volunteer please still try to come out to the Tomato Fest for a bit and spend some time with your running buddies. There will be live music, contest, art, parades, free water and alcohol all day long. Again all we ask is that you wear one of your east nasty shirts with pride.

Shirts - Shirts -  Shirts  - Shirts

As many of you know we had a very big response to this year's potato to tomato 5k training group. Over 300 people signed up and although the numbers have dropped some over the course of the training there are still 150 - 200 new east nasty's that will be running in the 5k on Saturday morning. So a few weeks back we ordered a HUGE tech. shirt order for our new runners and the coaches who helped them along the way. We will hopefully be passing those shirts out to the potato to tomato group tomorrow night. We should have plenty of extra shirts available for those of you in need of some east nasty gear. So we are going to sell the remaining shirts to those interested on Friday night and Saturday afternoon at the tomato fest. On Friday from 5:00 - 7:00 Mark and I (Drew) will be at 3 crow selling the shirts on a first come first serve basis. We will also be selling shirts to those interested on Saturday from our East Nasty water tent.

A very exciting and fun week for East Nasty indeed. Please see Mark Miller, Drew Jones, Rod Jones or Stephanie Schildcrout with any questions or suggestions you have regarding this weekend.

Hope to see all of you out there in Full Force  ------ EAST NASTY FOR LIFE -   Yahhhhhhhhh  !!!!!


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