June 1, 2011: The heat has arrived...

Well it looks like the days of 50 degree runs are over for a little while...  Personally, I love running in different temperatures, but the transition weeks are tough - especially going from cool to hot.    Your body will adapt, but you need to monitor yourself.  Slow down, drink lots of water before and after your runs and wear as little clothing as your modesty allows...  After about 3 weeks, you will find that running in the heat is not as bad as it was originally. Trail Runs - Start this Sunday!

Even though you will adapt to the heat, and running on trails is much cooler than running on the street, we have decided not to tempt fate.  Officially ALL of our summer trail runs have been moved to 7am.  Also, the Deep Wells parking lot is too small for our group, so we are going to meet at the Stone Gates at the end of Belle Meade blvd.

Here are more details. Remember we have a group training for an ultra, so if running a 50k has been on your bucket list, you will have a group of folks to train with!  (Don't worry, there will be many of us normal people NOT training for a 50k out there as well...)

Potato to Tomato - Meeting Monday, June 6

The start of the potato to tomato training group is also right around the corner.  Our first workout will be on June 20th.  But this year, we are having an informational session at the Margaret Maddux YMCA on June 6th, at 6:30 pm.   We would like our mentors/coaches and our participants to make this meeting if possible.  The meeting should not last long.  Remember, this program is free!  So you have no excuse if you have been considering joining.  Please email Holland Carley at dutchrunnerchickusa@gmail.com if you are interested, then we will see you on Monday the 6th!

Here are more details.

Wednesday, June 1.

East Nashville has some fantastic architecture, and a lot of it is highlighted on run #11: churches.  We pass several historic churches and tons of historic homes on this 4.43 mile route.  It is also a figure 8 course, so you could cut it in half, or stop for some water if the heat is getting to you.  (If you do stop at the half way point,  you would miss the category 5 climb coming up Shelby!)

Check it out here.


Thought of the week

Want to become a faster more efficient runner ?  Have you ever wanted to do some speed training but did not know how ? Well Fleet Feet Sports summer speed sessions is for you. The program starts next Tuesday on June 7th and will last for 11 weeks. Speed sessions are designed for those who are looking to improve their 5k/10k times or for those simply wanting to improve as a runner. Not only are speed sessions coached by the Mark Miller and yours truly there are also tons of east nasties out there who participate each year. Speed sessions consist of interval workouts on a track and will meet @ Christ Presbyterian Academy at 6:00 am on Tuesdays or @ Hillsboro high at 6:00 pm. Please see the fleetfeetnashville.com website with any questions you may have or go there to sign up. The program is very successful and very popular and a great way to take your running to a new level. We hope to see you out on the track with us this summer.