The Nasty... June 8, 2011

Tomorrow is The Nasty.    Our longest, hardest run, but well worth it...  Familiarize yourself with the map, because we tend to get a little bit spread out on this run... Couch to 5k

We have over 100 people signed up for our potato to tomato 5k program.  I have a feeling that before the end of the week we will have close to 150 new runners.  We could definitely use a couple more coaches/mentors.  If you think that you may want to give back in this way, please talk with me (Mark) tomorrow, or send Holland an email at  Even if you can only commit to once a week it would be helpful.

Mundy is back.

Sunday Trail Runs

Our trail runs will meet at 7am, under the stone gates this Sunday.

See you tomorrow.