East Nasty of the Week: Plastic Cups



For a quick ENOW profile, I would like to highlight the plastic cups that we use each week at our runs. Contributed by one of the early ENOW nominees, Leigh Ann Polsgrove, these cups allow us to be a little more environmentally friendly. And that is just one more way that we at East Nasty like to contribute to a positive community atmosphere in Middle Tennessee.

But would you like to help with the cleaning of these cups? Each week we need someone to volunteer to take home the two crates and wash and dry the dirty cups. The easiest way to do this is to sign up on the following google doc.:


So lend out a helping hand to us and sign up on the list. We have people signed through June, but the rest of the summer is completely open. The only thing I ask is that if you sign up, make sure you remember to get them and bring them back the next week!

Thanks for your help, and keep your eyes open for more East Nasty of Week profiles (of actual human beings!) over the summer. If you have a suggestion for someone to be nominated be sure to email me at rwjones97@gmail.com

See you on Wednesday night folks,


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