Sunday April 10

Long Run... As you train for a marathon or 1/2 marathon, by far the most important workout is the long run.  And this Sunday is our final and  longest run of the spring.  We will run 12, 14 or 16 miles.  (Novice, intermediate, advanced...)

The basic course is the Bongo-to- Bongo run - with a slight alteration to simulate the 1/2 marathon course.  Meet at Bongo Java in East Nashville at 8am and  here are the route options...

Bongo East to Bongo Belmont and back = 10 miles.

Bongo East past Bongo Belmont to 440 and back = 12 miles

Full Bongo to Bongo route (see above) = 14 ish miles (we are going to run back on Granny White rather than retracing our steps on Belmont,  to trace the 1/2 marathon course.)

Full Bongo to Bongo route + 2 miles add-on loop = 16 miles!


Zach had the great idea of having a little post-run shelby picnic.  So this Sunday, the grill will be going, and it looks like the weather will be great.  So even if you have never joined us, this is a great week to join us to meet some of the nasties!  Here is the brunch sheet.

Looking Ahead

Saturday, April 30 4 pm Half Marathon Post-Race party...  The Millers (Erin and I) want to invite all the East Nasties over to our place for a little post-race get-together.

Speaking of the half/full marathon...our friend Lee Wilson is in charge of the water stop at 9th and Russell, and he needs some volunteers.  If you are not planning on running the race, we could use your help!  On April 27 (the last Wednesday before the race) we will get folks to sign up to help.

Speaking of April 27th...that will be our final Wednesday run before the 1/2 marathon, and it will be our bi-annual alley clean up!  This year the marathon returns to East Nashville and we want to show off our neighborhood.  So after a short, easy run - we will split up in groups of two or three to clean the streets.  Plan on being there to give back!