Wednesday - April 6th, 2011

Hello there East Nasty. We are going to alter the running route rotation again this week. We are going to skip route #3 and proceed right on to route #4. We are having to skip the runs that take us across several big intersections. So tomorrow we will do the big shelby loop. Please take a look at route #4 down on the right side of this page and plan on volunteering to lead a group tomorrow. We typically have the same people lead pace groups each week so it would be nice to have some new pace group leaders. Most everybody has been doing a great job of staying to one side of the road on our runs but there are still some big time repeat offenders out there. WE CANNOT RUN DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD !!!  Did you hear that ? We have to continue to be very strict on this point. We need the pace leaders and pretty much everyone out there to be policing everybody that runs with us. Don't be afraid to bark at someone if they need to be barked at :-) Upcoming events

We have a few things on the east nasty calender coming up so go ahead and start planning ahead for some of these events. We will, of course, be discussing these events in greater detail as they approach.

April 27th (Wednesday) - post run alley clean up. The country music marathon course is coming through east nashville and we want to do our part to make the community look presentable. We did this last year and it was a big success. This is a weather pending event but we will need as many people there as we can get.

April 30th (Saturday) - big race day for the country music marathon and 1/2 marathon. We will all be meeting at Mark and Erin Miller's for a post race grill out party. This is also a weather pending event but things should start up around 4:00 with some cornhole, grilling and, of course, social drinks.

June 6th (Monday) - kickoff day for the Potato to Tomato couch to 5k training program. Start telling your friends or anyone who will listen. We want to get as many people as we can in this program. It is free and it's the best way to get anyone started on a running program. We will need to have plenty of volunteers out there to help with this program. It is a great way to give back to the sport of running that we all love.

August 13th (Saturday) - East Tomato 5k - this is our homecoming race and the one that we support the most. Our coach to 5k'ers will be running in the race and so will most every East Nasty brother and sister there is. It is fun race and a fun day in East Nashville so plan on joining us there.

Thought of the week

Just a simple message this week. Running is supposed to be fun. Now that the weather is getting a little better for us on East Nasty Wednesdays, running should be even more fun that it was earlier in 2011. The reason that I mention the "fun" aspect is that lots of runners can forget it from time to time. There are so many things out there now that make running more fun. So whatever it is that makes running fun for you then concentrate on that. Get an Ipod, buy a Garmin, get some new comfortable socks, run with your best friend, run in a local race, drink alcohol after you run ............ whatever it is that makes running fun for you then that is where you focus should be.

Hope to see everyone out in the sun tomorrow night.