Wednesday 4/13

The Green Wagon One of the founding principles of East Nasty is that we love our neighborhood, and we want to support those people, schools, charities and businesses who are making a difference.   The great thing about East Nashville is that many businesses feel the exact same way!   The Green Wagon is one of those places...

Post-run this Wednesday, Johnny and Tara Shields (the owners of the Green Wagon) have invited us over to check out their store, enjoy some Yazoo Pale, and potentially buy some food out of a truck!   So bring some cash (for food if you want any, the Yazoo is free)  and plan on walking the 2 short blocks after the run.  The Green Wagon is located across the street from The Red Door East on 11th and Forest.

The Run

This week is the crowd favorite...The Pedestrian Bridge, Run #5.   The weather looks great...see you at 6pm @ 11th and Holly.

Looking Ahead

Sunday, April 17: 1/2 marathon training.  8am Bongo Java: 10 miles - Fast Finish.

Sunday, April 24: Last 1/2 marathon training session, Shelby Park. 8am.

Wednesday, April 27: Alley Clean Up.   We run and then we clean up.  Seriously, this is one way we give back to the neighborhood, so plan on sticking around after the run to help out.  More details to come...

Sunday, April 30: 1/2 or Full Marathon!  Then 4 pm post race extravaganza!

Wednesday, May 4: Walk/Run with the Mayor!  More details soon...