Wednesday - March, 2nd 2011

Hello East Nasty - so pretty much all the announcements I have for this week are repeats except for the first one about the east nasty cycling kits. That and the fact that we are running route # 9 tomorrow is all you need to know. We are going to need plenty of people to help be pace leaders tonight so please take a look at the route before you come out and ready to volunteer as a pacer.
East Nasty Cycling Jersey & Kits
For our East Nasties who cycle, or plan to, we have an option to do it in style - through our very own custom East Nasty designed cycling kits.  Heck, you probably will want this just to wear around Bongo Java, 3 crow or even the office.
We will have men's & women's jersey & bibs available but you will need to check your size and get your order to me by this Sunday, March 6th.  Sizing kits are available at Eastside Cycles to try on anytime during their normal business hours ( or come on Sunday at 5pm for a special open house for the East Nasties hosted by the store.  Jerseys are expected to be in the $70-85 range and bibs will be $98 - final pricing could be lower depending on quantities.
Please be sure to send your order quantity, style & size to JP "blazer" Cowan at  The kits will be a nice high end product by Louis Garneau and the design is super fly, thanks to our own East Nasty, Megan Willoughby.  See below for a mockup of the design.  Through Sunday is your only opportunity to order and may be the only order for the year, or indefinitely - so you should jump on this opportunity now!  We would expect to have delivery of the kits by early-mid May.
Click on the link below to see it!!!!

Tom King 5k and half marathon water stop - volunteers needed

Many of you have attended this event in the past and it is one of the coolest things we do all year. The Tom King race this year is on March 12th and East Nasty will be joining forces again with Fleet Feet to put on the best water stop / party you can find at any race in Tennessee. The cool part for this year is that our couch to 5k group will be running in that race and we can be there to give out water and cheer them on right on the race course. Our water stop is right at the midway point on the 5k. For the 1/2 marathon we are at the 1 mile mark for the runners on their way out and at the 12 mile mark for the runners on their way back. This really is a very fun and exciting event and it is one of the ways that East Nasty gives back to the running community. Please see Drew with any questions you may have or just plan on being out there with us on Saturday morning March 12th to cheer on the runners and fellow East Nasty’s in the 5k and 1/2 marathon race.

Thought of the week - round 2

This week I am going to veer of the “thought” path again and give a little pub out to an Easy Nasty legend named Kevin Kaz. Now most of you have probably met this guy already but there are a few things you need to know about him. First of all his last name is really much longer than Kaz but you are doing yourself a favor by just going with the shortened version. 2nd Kevin came to Nashville and East Nasty from Rhode Island. I mean seriously how many people do you know from Rhode Island ? I know one and his name is Kevin Kaz. 3rd Kevin came down to Nashville to start a scooter business with a friend and after the economy went down the crapper he went a total different direction and started Kaz video. That was actually one year ago and in the past 12 months Kevin has filmed over 400 bands and made a good name for himself here in the Nashville music scene. Well enough of the history of Kevin Kaz – let’s talk present, since Kaz video has been such a success and because Kevin is so money he has decided to host a party to celebrate his first year in the biz. The party will be Friday night March 4th at the Basement and all East Nasties are invited. There will be live music, drinks, deserts and even some stand up comedy by three of the more outspoken East Nasties. Kevin is a fast runner, a hard worker and a great guy to know so please plan to come out and celebrate with him. If there is one thing that East Nasty is known for it is being social and this event is going to be right up our alley. Hopefully plenty of you are going to be in town and will be able to make it to the Kaz Video Wicked Amazing Super Party :-)

See you tomorrow night        ENFL !!!!!