Sunday 3-6-11 - Tempo #2

Sunday March 6 Shelby Park, 9 am

The Run:

This week we are returning to Shelby for our second of three long tempo runs.  This week will be 4,5 or 6 miles at tempo pace: which is 35-50 seconds per mile slower than your 3-mile time trial pace.  So if you ran 21:00 for 3 miles last week, this week you need to run 4,5 or 6 miles between 7:35 and 7:50 pace.

Tempo runs are a great opportunity to practice negative splitting...or finishing faster than you start.  So the person above should start at 7:50 pace and slowly drop down to 7:35 pace.  For you heart rate junkies, look for 88-90% max heart rate.

The Brunch

Here is the brunch sheet.   I have been so impressed with the amount and quality of food that is arriving at these brunches!  All of your hard work and efforts are much appreciated.

Cycling Kits

5 pm Sunday @ Eastside cycles.

Running in the news...

Once again Nashville's own Andrew Bumbalough is tearing up the track.   The results below are from a meet that he just completed in Australia.

  1 Bernard Lagat                USA                   13:08.43        
  2 Ben St Lawrence           81 NSWIS                 13:10.08        
  3 Chris Solinsky               USA                   13:10.22        
  4 Matt Tegenkamp               USA                   13:16.27        
  5 Andrew Bumbalough            USA                   13:16.77        
  6 Craig Mottram             81 VIS                   13:25.15        
  7 Tim Nelson                   USA                   13:28.09        
  8 Jeremy Roff               84 NSWIS                 13:37.48        
  9 Isaac Songok                 KEN                   13:38.43        
 10 Collis Birmingham         86 VIS                   13:42.14        
 11 Liam Adams                86 VIC                   13:44.60        
 12 David McNeill             86 VIC                   13:51.95        
 13 Youcef Abdi                  NSWIS                 13:53.00        
 14 Craig Miller                 USA                   14:01.40        
 15 James Nipperess           91 NSWIS                 14:06.74        
 16 Russell Dessaix-Chn       79 NSW                   14:07.32        
 17 Alan Craigie              83 ACT                   14:24.21        
 -- Paul Hoffman                 VIC                        DNF        
 -- Philo Saunders               ACT                        DNF        
 -- Brandon Bethke               USA                        DNF

The results page is pretty darn cool.  If you click on the men's 5000m final.  And then click on the link at the top that says "lap times"  They actually have the lap times of all the athletes as well!  It looks like Andrew was in the front group (with some really big names) until the last 800 meters.  Pretty cool.