Sunday February 27

Sunday, February 27:  Shelby Bottoms, 9 am Can you believe that February is almost gone??!!

The Run

We are back at Shelby Bottoms this week for our second (and last) 3 mile time trial.  Remember, it is always good to benchmark your fitness every 3-4 weeks, and adjust your training paces accordingly.  Sunday's time trial will establish our pace for the March 5th tempo run, and give us a goal pace for our 1/2 marathon.   (March 5:  4, 5 or 6 miles at a pace that is 35-50 seconds slower per mile than your time trial pace.)


Sunday is your last chance to order an East Nasty shirt.  We are going to place the order on Monday.    We have a size run of both men's and women's, so come on out this Sunday, try on a shirt and place your order.


I have a feeling that we are going to have really big numbers this summer for our Wednesday night runs. This is really exciting, but it means that will we have a bigger impact in both good and bad ways.  On the positive side, I can't wait for our alley clean-up, dog-food drive, summer couch-to-5k group, and patio time at 3 Crow, not to mention the fun of running with 200+ people every week!  On the negative side, if we're not careful, bigger crowds can cause traffic congestion, parking problems and an impersonal atmosphere that forgets East Nasty's welcoming attitude!

As we move forward there will be some changes, and we need your help!  More details will be coming, but right now, we need three things:

1) Be careful, defer to traffic and be considerate to drivers.  The vast majority of East Nashvillians have been great to us - let's show them courtesy in return.  Stop at stop signs, look both ways before crossing, and run 2 wide at most... The bumper stickers say "share the road" and that's what we need to do.

2) Learn the routes and volunteer to lead a group.  Take a couple of moments to learn the route because we will be asking for more pace group leaders.

3) Meet someone new.  Never forget how intimidating it can be for a new person to join a big group like this.  Be intentional about approaching new people and invite them to join us at 3 Crow or on Sunday.


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