September 14: Getting Involved Part 3

Over the past two weeks, I have told you how to get involved with our local schools, with EastCan, and today I am going to give you a random conglomerate of ways to get involved... Join the Team

East Nasty often puts together teams for relays races and other random events. For example, Hunter Lane is putting together a team for the toughmudder in Georgia.   (This looks like a freakin' cool race!  Check it out and give Hunter an email ASAP.  He wants to put together a team by the end of this week!!!)   Heidi Huerta has a group running the women's half marathon.  (  Christy Brown is gathering folks who are training for an early December marathon for training runs on Sunday morning (  Don't be shy!  Give these folks an email and join us for a great weekend get-away!

Clean your neighborhood

East Nasty does two alley clean-ups a year.  One before the Tomato Festival, and one before the Country Music Marathon.  This is a great way to love your community.  Do you want clean up your neighborhood?  You get the people, and Will Acuff will help you organize.  (This is a great way to meet your neighbors...organize your entire block to clean up the nearby alleys...)  Send Will an email at to get started!

Bring Shoes

Cary Graham collects used running shoes, cleans them up, and then delivers them to those who may need a new pair.  So when you are ready to upgrade, go see Drew at Fleet Feet, and bring us your old one!   Or...if you know someone who could really use a new pair of shoes, just let us know, and we will do everything we can to get them a good pair!

Support local races

Tom King water stop?  Best ever.  Women's half-marathon cheering section?? We're in.  The Jones brothers do a water stop better than any I have ever known.   I will broadcast opportunities to join us at races.  (For the women's half, email Rod Jones ( if you are interested in joining us.)

Order a shirt...

Lululemon is going to do our fall shirt this year!  They are by far our nicest shirts yet.   Check them out...women''s both will be in grey.   Lululemon will have a size run available to try on at the run this Wednesday.  Also, we will be ordering hoodies again this winter.  More details in November...


This week's run is run #11.  (Come next week to run the Nasty and earn a sticker!)   Take a little bit of time to observe all the amazing church buildings that we will pass during this run.  The architecture is amazing!

See you tomorrow!