The Nasty...


Every 12 weeks we come to Run #12, the Nasty.  Not only is it our most challenging run, but it is still 90 degrees out there!  So there will be a water stop between mile 3 and 4, and there will be a short version of the run ... but don't back down! Remember, you must run the full 6 miles to earn a sticker.   Potato to Tomato folks: bring it on!


Be sure to check this blog later this week.  We'll have some information about short set-tember.  A great way to check out some local live music this Saturday, in a really cool venue... (Micah's house!)


Kevin Kaz sent me this video.  My 120 pound journey.  We all need stories of success to keep us going.  Pass this along to someone who may need it...