September 8. Getting Involved Part 2.

We love our neighborhood and strive to be involved in making it a great place to live and run. Last week I wrote about how you can get involved with the local schools as a Nasty.  This week I want to talk a little about East Can.

I have known Elizabeth Chauncey for a long time.  In fact, the first time I met her, she had come over to my friend Katy's house to help her paint.  I think that was about 10 days after Elizabeth had moved to Nashville from up north somewhere...(New Jersey maybe...)

So I immediately saw that Elizabeth had a heart of service - and when I discovered that she had started East Can , it was no surprise...  EastCan is an organization that rescues abandoned animals and tries to find them homes.  And even if you cannot adopt an animal right now, here are several ways that you can help:


If you are ready to go all the way and adopt, EastCan can facilitate that process.  What I love is that EastCan goes through a process when you seek to adopt.  You must first complete an application, which includes references, followed by an in-home visit.  There is a recommended "sleep on it" period of 1-2 weeks before the adoption is finalized.  The adoption costs $100, and includes as much helpful guidance that you need as you adjust to your new best friend.


Before an animal is adopted, sometimes there is a need for a temporary foster home. This is a no-brainer.  First, EastCan will interview you to match you up with an appropriate pet given your particular circumstances.  Then they provide the food, crate, bowls, leashes and will pay for all vetting expenses.   If you cannot commit to foster for an extended period of time, they always need weekend "doggie-sitters", and foster dog walkers/runners would be great.

Donate: Getting stray animals off the streets makes East Nashville safer. Period.  And adopting gives you the opportunity to turn a potential ankle biter, into a run-loving companion.  But I realize that we cannot all be animal owners, and that is why donations are much appreciated.  Elizabeth never asks for money, which is why I'm asking you guys to consider making a donation sometime in the next month.  (There is a Google-Donate button on the web site.)

Come on a Wednesday night to talk with Elizabeth or there is more information available at the web site.  Check out the FAQs.  That is where you can find the necessary applications to foster or to adopt, and great resources to help with all your doggie questions.

Other Fun Stuff:

This week we are running Benji (Run #10) and should have a chance to try on our fall shirts, which will be from Lululemon!    (Also I think the Lululemon ladies have something special for us which I don't even know about...)

See you tomorrow!