September 1: Getting Involved Part I

We love our neighborhood and strive to be involved in making it a great place to live and run. If you have come to an East Nasty run more than once, you probably recognize that community service is part of our vision.   Over the next couple weeks I want to introduce you to small opportunities where you can join your fellow East Nasties in giving back to the community.  Take a little bit of time to read this posting, because there is a way where all of us can get involved this week!

Getting Involved Part 1: Schools: As a lifelong runner, one of my passions is to pass this sport on to others. Not only is this part of my vocation (I teach math and coach cross country and track at CPA high school), but is is a huge part of my avocation as well.   That is why East Nasty will always support our local schools, especially since the schools on the East Side serve many students whose families struggle financially.  There are several easy ways that you can get involved.

Stratford: Here is an immediate opportunity to make a difference! I received an email from the cross country coach asking for help.  They have their largest team ever (40 runners), they have their first girls squad ever (yes!!)  but they need our support.    Many of the runners don't have running shoes, and some of them are running in their school uniforms!  *So this week (September 1) I want all of us to comb through our running gear, and bring at least one piece of clothing to donate, AND one new pair of socks.* We will be able to provide the shoes.  In fact, this is exactly why we have been collecting shoes for the last 6 months!  While we should have plenty of shoes for the Stratford runners, consider replacing your shoes a little bit earlier than usual, and bring us your old ones on Wednesday night!

KIPP Academy: Last year through your generous donations, KIPP started a track team.  By the way, it was because of many schools, KIPP did not have the funds to equip a track team, so last year we raised about $3500 to get them up and running (pun intended...)

Also, several East Nasties had a chance to help coach! Jenny Dew, Stoner and Jay Tift volunteered hours of their free time to aid these fledgling track stars.  Track season doesn't start until the spring, and we'll get a wish list from the coaches in late winter.  But think through if you will have the time/desire this spring to help out coaching these kids.

Wednesday night run:

Our new "corral" start system really helped to spread out the start of the run. Bear with us as we work out the details, but right now we will leave in 4 groups separated by pace, starting 2 minutes apart.  (1) Under 7:30 pace, (2) 7:30-8:30 (3) 8:30 - 10:00( 4) 10:00 +

Our run this week is #9.  Check out the map before you come!

See you Wednesday!