Wednesday 5-12

If you never read these posts this is what I want you to remember: May 12 - Bring a bag of toiletries and/or cleaning supplies.

May 19 - Bring a bag of dry dog or cat food!

Now back to my normal posting...

Thanks to all the East Nasties who volunteered to help last Sunday morning. Since most of our houses were basically unscathed, it was really important for us to see the rest of the story... We helped clean 4 homes near Shelby Park.   There was almost nothing to salvage.  The house I worked on will have to be torn down to the studs and rebuilt from there.

Not only was it good for us to join along side someone who was hurting, but just having to conserve water this week has been a reminder of all the things that we (or at least I) tend to take for granted.  Just last week I got upset because the water coming out of a drinking fountain was luke warm.  Shame on me!! Just look at how quickly that resource can be taken away...

With that in mind, here are a couple of things I want from you this week:

Don't take your ability to run for granted: You have the physical ability to run, the financial resources to buy new shoes and technical apparel, a big group of friends who support your habit, and a neighborhood that respects runners!   Enjoy it!  All of that stuff can be taken from you in a heart beat.

Be generous.   How?  Well an easy way to start is by tipping well at 3 Crow!  At 7:30 on Wednesdays those servers are suddenly inundated with 80 extra people who all want a drink now!  I think that they do a great job,  but even if your drink is a couple of minutes late, deal with it, and tip well anyway!

Bring toiletries and/or cleaning supplies.  There is still a lot of work to do as we are cleaning up our city.  An easy way to get involved is to donate personal grooming stuff (shampoo, soap, mouthwash, shaving cream etc..), or cleaning supplies.  This Wednesday we will be collecting these donations and sending them to the hands on Nashville people.

Learn Run #6. We finally get to go back into Shelby!  Check out run #6, get something to donate and we'll see you tomorrow!