Sunday Work Day

This Sunday, the East Nasties are joining the thousands of folks who have helped around middle Tennessee.  Here is the plan: Sunday join us for breakfast at Ugly Muggs at 8:00.  Then we will head over to the Art House (which is behind I Dream of Weanie), to be there at 9:00.  (Of course, if you can't make breakfast, no worries, just meet us at the Art House.) Bring work clothes, gloves and shoes you don't mind getting dirty.

Also over the next two weeks, we are collecting donations on Wednesday night:

Wednesday May 12 - Bring toiletries and/or cleaning supplies.

Wednesday May 19 - Bring a big bag of dry dog food or cat food.

The donations from May 12 will go toward families in East Nashville via the Art House efforts.  The dog/cat food is our second annual animal food drive for East Can, and our goal is to get over 100 bags of food this year!

Hope to see a bunch of you guys on Sunday!