Dog Food Drive May 19th

Bottom Line: Bring a bag of dry dog or cat food to the run this Wednesday.

If you have been to a Wednesday night run before, you know that we always spend a little time on announcements.   And you may wonder who is the random woman who always brings a dog up in front of everyone...   Well, that woman is Elizabeth Chauncey, and that dog is our Rescue Dog of the Week. Elizabath is part of a non-profit called East Can.   EastCan is an organization that (among other things) rescues abandoned animals, and tries to find them homes.

For those of us who live over here, we know that there is a massive amount of stray or neglected animals in East Nashville.   And instead of looking to other people to take care of the problem, East Can is attempting to rally the community to fix it ourself ... and East Nasty wants to help.

You may or may not be in a position to adopt an animal, but we can all do this: Bring a bag of dog food this Wednesday!! If you can't adopt a dog right now, at least you can help feed one...  This week (May 19th) bring a bag of dry dog food and it will go to help out families that are having trouble affording their pets.  This is a way that East Nasty can help with an immediate need in the community.  Last year we collected 65 bags of food and this year our goal is to get 100 bags.  For us to get to this goal all of us need to step up.

But...if you are in a position where you can keep a dog, you can either adopt, or foster a dog.  Either way, Elizabeth will be around on Wednesday to answer your questions, and try and connect you with you next best friend!

So don't forget...bring a bag of food this week!


P.S. We are on run #7.  So check it out...