Thousand year flood...

While East Nasty promises to bring you great weather on Wednesday evenings, we can make no such guarantees on other days.  (For you newbies, it's really pretty uncanny about how lucky we are with weather on Wednesday nights...In two years, we have NEVER been rained out.) So...the picture below shows why we have to change our route for this week.

(Check out these pictures for more...)

Our run on Wednesday will be the East Nasty 2010 Flood Run.  What is it?  We will just repeat the Walking Bridge Run until either Police Officers or Water forces us to change paths!   I don't think that we will be able to run up 1st Avenue, so the idea is that after crossing the bridge, turn right on 4th and run straight up to Union to the Woodland Street Bridge.


Wednesday as we run over the swollen river, remember all our friends and neighbors who might be in need.  And I would encourage you to: (do #1 first!)

1) Go next door and ask your neighbors if they need help!  This is how community works and develops.  It takes courage, but nothing valuable ever happens without risk...

2) Contact Hands On Nashville ( they are a well organized bunch of folks who can point you in the direction of the biggest need.   In fact, this is how the mayor wants you to volunteer.

3) Volunteer at one of the Red Cross Shelters or make a donation at