Post Race Blues...

What to do now that the 1/2 marathon is over ??

While finishing a race can be a let down, it is also a chance to let off the throttle and run stress free for a period of time.  That's the East Nasty mantra for the month of May.  Recover, refocus and renew.   Comfortable runs allow us to refocus our efforts on our friendships, our community and off of our own personal fitness.

Remember, recovery is as essential as hard training.  And a good rule of thumb is to take 1 easy day of running for every 2 kilometers of racing.  (A half-marathon is about 21k.)  So even if you are planning on training hard in May, the coach in me encourages you to take a good 10 day recovery before you get back into hard running.

Sunday Runs

Wednesday runs happen year round, rain or shine.  But East Nasty does not host long runs on Sundays during May.   If you are looking for group long runs on the weekends, I really don't know what to tell you...Maybe try the striders (they have a great series of marathon training runs, but those don't start for a while).  But have hope !  East Nasty is going to host Sunday morning trail runs in June, July and August! Check back soon for more info...


After piling up hundreds of miles training for the 1/2 or full marathon it may be time for new shoes.  Or maybe not...  But either way, East Nasty is proud to announce that we are now accepting old running shoes!   Bring your old shoes and throw them in the shoe box on Wednesday nights.  We'll take them, clean them up and find them a good home.  Our vision is to have a stockpile of shoes that we can offer up to local schools to give to athletes who can't afford athletic shoes (starting with KIPP - sorry about the bad picture).

EastCan Dog Food Drive

East Nasty is a proud supporter of  Eastcan brings us our rescue dog of the week.  Of course, we would love for all of you guys to become dog owners, foster "parents" or weekly dog walkers.  If that is not a possibility for you, please join us for our annual dog food drive for EastCan.  Here is the deal - Everyone bring a bag of dry dog food to the run on Wednesday May 19!!

Le carrera de Cinco de Mayo esta numero seis "Riverside".

My apologies to any Spanish speakers...