Wednesday 10-28-09

Boo. Happy Halloween

On Wednesday look for the East Nasty jack-o-lantern as we complete Run #3. Remember, it gets darker earlier, so please wear reflective / highly visible apparel.

Speaking of Apparel...

This week we will be taking our final orders for East Nasty hoodys.   You can order either Red with white lettering, or black with gray lettering.  We will have several samples to try on this Wednesday if you are unsure of sizing.  You must order by this Wednesday if you want a sweatshirt.  If you won't be there on Wednesday you need to post a comment before Thursday.

Least Nasty Walkers

Starting this week our walkers will be leaving at 6:00.  Thanks to Amy Burton for leading that group - but if you want to join her, you must be ready to start by 6:00.

See you Wednesday.


East Nasty is...

What: A neighborhood walking/running group that could only happen on the East Side...

When:  Every Wednesday at 6:00 pm.  Walk starts at 6:00, Run starts a little bit after that.

Where: 11th and Holly - East Nashville.