Wednesday 10-21-09

Round the Pond East Nasty

We are back to Run #2, which is 3.65 miles around the lake in Shelby Park.

Least Nasty

We have a new walking group!  Many of us have friends who don't run - or have a predisposition toward running injuries, but would love to join us for our weekly jaunt through the East Side.  Without necessarily following the route, Amy Burton will lead a walking group every Wednesday night.   Right now, Amy is starting the walk at the same time as the run, soon she will start at 6:00.  Stay tuned and invite your friends!


The East Nasty Hoody is back.  We are going to order Adidas Fleece Hoodys, with a goal of having them in by the second Wednesday in November.  That means the order will be placed by Halloween!  We'll have a size run next week for you to try on, but if you know you want one, and you know the size tell Drew ASAP!

See you tomorrow!