Wednesday 11-03-09

EastNasty_rt03_BigShelbySunset1 Why do we change the clocks??

While I can't answer that question, one of the implications of  "falling back" each October is that  it will be dark by 5:30.   So I want to give a couple of important reminders:

1) Wear highly visible clothing and/or lights.

UPDATE:  Over the next couple of weeks, Fleet Feet will be selling reflective vests for $20, and flashing lights for $8.  No need to head down to the store, just bring some cash with you this Wednesday.

2) Exercise caution at intersections.  Drivers around East Nashville are usually pretty pedestrian friendly,  but we need to make sure that drivers see us before we cross a road.  (See reminder #1)

3) Bring money to order Annie Parson's new EP....

What???  Yes!  That's right, East Nasty's own Annie Parsons is a musician!  So not only did Annie win a Pulitzer Prize for the Hugh Mundy ENOW write up*, but she has her own album.  Check out her music here, and then bring cash to buy one.

* This is not true.

Baby we were born to run...

So a friend of mine got me the book "Born to Run" for my birthday, and while I haven't started it yet, here is an article from The New York Times that should peak your interest...Some real interesting thoughts on running...

Run #4

is what we are doing this week.

See you Wednesday.


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