Wednesday 8/19 - Downtown Loop!

Wednesday 8/19/09 Always a crowd favorite, we are doing Run #5, which takes us across the walking bridge, up first avenue and back to 5 points via Woodland.

If you are new to the Nasties, show up every Wednesday at 11th and Holly and be ready to run at 6:00ish :)  Remember to bring a change of clothes, your ID, and join us at 3 Crow for a post run beverage.  (And before you come, check out Run #5 at the bottom of the blog, just to get an idea of where you are going...)

Swiftwick Socks:

Swiftwick is a fairly new sock company based here in Nashville, that makes performance socks for all sorts of sports.  Next week, they are going to give a free pair of socks to 35 lucky East Nasty runners, and everyone who comes next week gets a coupon!  After that they are starting their "Spot the Sock" challenge from now until December:  wearing your new swiftwicks gives you the opportunity to win another pair!

See you on Wednesday!