Sunday 8/16/09 - Up to 18 miles

Sunday the 16th.  We are joining the striders for their marathon training series.  This week they are running 18 miles.  Starting at the athete's house on Portand. Details (thanks to Bill Menees):

Where: Athlete's House (Map to starting location)

When: 6:00 am (Be prepared, the striders start on time!!)

What: Up to 18 miles (Google map) (Printable Hand written map)

The water stops are supposed to be at:

· start/finish

· mile 4 on Woodlawn and 440

· mile 8 on Lynnwood near Harding

· mile 10 at PWP

· mile 14 right before Kroger

Enjoy the run!  And I need to stress again that the Striders start on time. :)