Pre-Race Meal...

Hey guys and Annie - Thanks for all the kind words!  It has been a blast for me to slowly brainwash you guys to create a new society of people who actually enjoy running!

Annie is correct, I don't get paid, and it reminds me of an article I read several years ago called "the death of the hobby."  The point of this article was that unless there is an ultimate financial pay-off, people have stopped doing things.  Even many of my best friends, with great intentions, have tried to make East Nasty a money making proposition for me.  My goal with East Nasty is to build a community of runners who support and encourage each other in running and in life, not to create a source of income.  You cannot simultaneously focus on community building and personal gain; one of the two has to take priority. (Ask my friend Randy who started an inner city school...)

A side benefit, of course, is the creation of a platoon of followers who do my bidding.  ("Gee Brain (Drew), what are we going to do tonight?")

One of my main long-term goals is to make East Nasty a self perpetuating group.  To begin this process I am going to give you guys some opportunities to lead.  More details to follow - but as a teaser: many folks have expressed interest in continuing Sunday morning runs - so this may be your chance to sign up to be a run leader!

Pre-Race Reminders/Helpful Hints

1. You don't want to stuff yourself tonight.  Carbo-loading is a bit of a myth.  Eat a normal balanced meal tonight, and then eat something in the morning.  I would suggest some oatmeal, coffee (if you normally drink coffee) and a banana about 2-3 hours before the start.

2. Pick up your East Nasty shirt from Fleet Feet, and tomorrow wear it with pride!

3. Make sure you get to the starting line with plenty of spare time.  The lines for the bathrooms are ridiculous.  Also, if it is chilly in the morning, wear an old shirt that you are willing to part with, and throw it to the side of the road as your body warms up.

4. Hang out after the race at the family reunion area under the "E" for a Nasty group photo.

5. If you are planning on running for over 80 minutes, take in calories during the race!  Go to the fleet feet booth at the expo and buy yourself a gel, shot bloks or sport beans.  "Eat" these calories about 45-50 minutes into the race.

6. Drink water/cytomax every 15 minutes.

7. Did I forget anything?  Post a comment!

Good luck!  Trust your training, and remember that everyone is hurting during the last 3 miles.