In place of an ENOW...

Since the half-marathon is upon us and I am having stress dreams about showing up on Saturday with no laces in my shoes, there is no East Nasty of the Week this week.  But you didn’t think I would let a week go by without posting, did you? So to begin, how about a little Chuck potpourri?

First off, check out this informative and helpful PowerPoint from Chuck Fogg.  He includes some nutritious recipes, as well as a bunch of stuff about enzymes that I didn’t really read.  It’s not that the information isn’t GOOD and TRUE – it’s more of a reflection on the fact that I am an imbecile.

Next, let’s hear it for our own Chuck Hargrove, who finished the Boston Marathon in 4:07!  If you want to see this Nasty in action, check him out at 9:16.

Or, if you prefer the photo version of Chuck, here are some still shots.  I feel compelled to include a quote from the man himself: “I am not playing with myself, ha ha.  I stashed the camera in my waistband, and spent much of race taking photos.”

Just so you know.

Finally, a few months back, I was talking to our fearless leader, Mark Miller, about training this group of runners.  He does not get paid.  It’s not his job.  And yet every week for the past 4 months, he has shown up and coached us.  He has faithfully planned routes.  He has provided challenges for the Fasty Nasties, and encouragement for the… well, the people like me.  And he does it because he loves it.

Lucky us.

Mark, we are all so grateful.  Thank you for being our coach, for all of the time and thought and effort you have put into this training season, and for being basically the coolest guy any of us know.  See you at the finish line.

-Annie P.

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